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About me

Hello there,
I'm Tianyi (Kate) and I'm an international student from London Central Secondary School

I am a dedicated student who always finishes her homework on time with the best effort.
By trying my best to get involved both inside and outside of school, I have gained valuable leadership experiences during my highschool years.
I co-founded our school's badminton club and became the president in Grade 11.
Futhermore, I was a Grade 9 peer leader who organized fun and meaningful activites for Grade 9 students to make their first year at highschool more welcoming.
For leadership experiences outside of school, I volunteered as a pool leader at Carling Heights Optimst Community Centre and had completed the Bronze Medallion course for lifeguard training.

I am highly interested in studying computer science in university as computer science contains knowledge that can be used everywhere, thus making a global contribution.


I came to Canada in July 2015 and I'm a fluent English and Chinese speaker




I enjoy coding because there's always more than one way to solve a problem. I have studied coding language such as html (Webstie), python(Contest) and Java(AP). I've done many past CCC contests on my own time and I plan to write the AP computer science exam in 2021.


For sports, I like swimming, playing badminton and hiking